Living with a Chronic Illness.

Hello, Jon here! It has been a while and for that we can only apologies. It has been a month since we last posted (so much for our "few blogs a week" target). The last month has been an exciting month as well as a tough month in the Gathford house! This being the first… Continue reading Living with a Chronic Illness.


Labels. They're on everything and, thanks to the digital age, everyone. I'm not talking about those sticky things that you put on your shirt at mixers that say "Hi, My name is:" I'm talking about social labels that we metaphorically stick on each other to describe and classify them. I am not a stranger of being… Continue reading (Dis)Ability

I Was Never Going to Be a Performer.

I was never going to be a performer. I cannot recall how many times in the last four years that I have said this sentence aloud. It's been said even more in my own head. This sentence is used to justify, placate, and reconcile for the past (almost) five years of my life. Basically since… Continue reading I Was Never Going to Be a Performer.