Hannah, we have a problem.

 There is a gigantic meteorite heading towards me. I can't move. Not one inch of my body will budge from it's current position. My brain hasn't registered the hurling mass that is, at present, hurtling through space and time towards my current location. In short, I'm screwed.  No, I haven't turned into a doomsday predictor… Continue reading Hannah, we have a problem.


Labels. They're on everything and, thanks to the digital age, everyone. I'm not talking about those sticky things that you put on your shirt at mixers that say "Hi, My name is:" I'm talking about social labels that we metaphorically stick on each other to describe and classify them. I am not a stranger of being… Continue reading (Dis)Ability

40 Ways to Procrastinate in a University Library

Spend 10 minutes scouting for the best seat available Stand next to the person in the best seat available tutting and sighing loudly until they leave Spend five minutes laying out your study materials with painstaking precision Text your study buddy letting them know just how bored you are already Text your study buddy begging… Continue reading 40 Ways to Procrastinate in a University Library

The Ten Commandments of a Two Week Roadtrip.

This summer marked an important event in my family's life. Remember the atrocious dress shopping experience I wrote about a few months ago? Well, lucky for us we managed to resolve the dress problem as the big day arrived! That's right, after more than 6 years in our lives, my mum has married her partner… Continue reading The Ten Commandments of a Two Week Roadtrip.

I Was Never Going to Be a Performer.

I was never going to be a performer. I cannot recall how many times in the last four years that I have said this sentence aloud. It's been said even more in my own head. This sentence is used to justify, placate, and reconcile for the past (almost) five years of my life. Basically since… Continue reading I Was Never Going to Be a Performer.

Too Tired to Enjoy the Sunrise

The sun is rising spectacularly outside my window. There's orange stains creeping across the sky, pushing the deep blue of the night further to the west. And I can't enjoy it because I'm flipping exhausted. Trust me, it's all I can do not to use a bad word to reiterate how rubbish I'm feeling. Before… Continue reading Too Tired to Enjoy the Sunrise