Our mid-year re-haul: What we’re taking up, putting down and developing in our lives.

The past week has been a bit crazy for the Gathfords. Hannah spent the second week of June on a business trip: standing in a rain soaked field at a construction machinery expo; while Jon enjoyed respectively good weather and dry socks. It took a weekend for us both get back into the swing of things. What did we do over that weekend? Well, Hannah spent most of it under her beloved duvet, while Jon watched YouTube videos and snacked.

It’s very easy to become comfortable in a relationship. We’re always there to lend a shoulder, bolster each other, and generally be a support when needed. This is a blessing (obviously, we appreciate each other’s capacity to look past our faults) and a curse. Being comfortable in our relationship, while enabling us to love ourselves more, has led to what some may call turning a blind eye to the things that are a little less than great about each other… Or in Jon’s words “we let each other off the hook too easily.”

Finding the line between constructive criticism and putting each other down can be tough. Neither of us wants to upset the other, but at some point things need to be said for the good of our relationship – and, sometimes, our well-being.

So, what are we going to do about it?

Read on, good friend, read on.

Three Things in Thirty Days.

We know it’s not the start of the month, which is usually a time that people look to start new challenges, but we’re going to start now anyway. Over the next 30 days (and hopefully longer), we’re both going to challenge ourselves to start one new thing, stop a bad habit, and challenge each other to improve our wellbeing.

Start Me Up

I’m going to start doing Yoga. I know it sounds super cliche and like I’m attempting to channel my inner Eat, Pray, Love, but I need to do something to be more active. I broke my ankle in February so heavy impact exercise like running is out of the picture, and being an ex-dancer I miss the feeling of a good stretch. I don’t know if it will be the full on meditative experience that people jet of to Bali for, just 30 minutes a day in the living room will do it for me.

I want to start getting more active. This is partly for the way I feel within myself but also for my professional image. As a Sports Therapist, my size does not determine my ability to do my job. If it did I wouldn’t have got a job working in a clinic and at a football team. However, I know I would feel more comfortable meeting clients and working in that environment if I shifted some of this sweet sweet timber. So I am going to undertake a couch to 5K. The app is ready and I shall be starting tomorrow (18th of June). I will be using our Instagram (@TheGathfords) account for accountability. So if you see I haven’t posted on our story about my run/stumble then get on to me about it and don’t let me off the hook. Teamwork!

Stop! (In the Name of Love)

It’s time to stop making excuses. I’ve had an excuse for everything for most of my life, and that’s a tough thing to admit. People have called me up on it before, I was the kid that was loved by some teachers but hated by others because they saw through my mediocre excuses about why I hadn’t done my homework. Reading that back, I’d like to make it clear that I don’t make excuses for everything – I work hard and am 90% of the time extremely dedicated to what I do. The remaining 10% is housework and chores. Honestly, I have a serious case of tidyitis (and have done since I was young). Over the next 30 days I’m challenging myself to stop making excuses, pick up the scrubbing brush, and do at least 10 minutes of cleaning and tidying per day. It’ll be like a low budget version of How Clean Is Your House – only without Kim or Aggie…

Eating has always been my Achilles heel, especially when I get bored. If I have a spare hour you can probably find me sitting somewhere with a bread stick or something much worse. I have tried many times to crack down on this but I have always entered it half heart-idly. So this time with the help of you guys (and Hannah) will be going for this properly. I will for 30 days challenge myself to cut out many of the terrible things I snack on and stuff myself with. So I will be trying to cut out Fizzy pop, Crisps and sweets. I could genuinely polish off a share bag of crisps or a bag of sweets in a sitting and not think twice about it. So starting tomorrow I will try to cut out all of these things, track how I’m doing and if I find something that changes my world (like an apple – you never know) I will share it with you guys. I want this to be the start of a healthier life and I feel by jumping in with two feet from the 10 meter board I have the best chance of doing that! Wish me luck!

Fit Bits to Get a Bit Fit.

Finally, we’ve got to our third challenge. This time we’re challenging each other. From tomorrow (18th June 2019) we’ll be using our long neglected fit bits to track how we’re doing – you know, because we’re millennials. As for our individual goals? Hannah’s going to be drinking 2 litres of water per day and reaching 9,000 steps per day – basically an effort not to go straight to bed when she get’s home. Meanwhile, Jon is going to be trying to get to 9,000 steps a day and 30 active minutes tracked.

So that’s it! Our mid-year re-haul is set in the 21st Century version of stone… With the help of our trusty kitchen chalk board and Instagram for accountability, bring on the next month!

1 thought on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!”

  1. Sending big supportive hugs to you both for your challenges, if you don’t manage it on one day, it’s only a little hiccup, go back the next day, you’re doing a marathon not a sprint😀


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