Getting to Know You

The Gathford Format Guide: 

Jonathan is bold
Hannah is italic

This blog is new… although it was created from an old blog that belonged to Hannah (Bookmarked Ramblings). Hannah’s been a blogger for years, Jon not so much. We’re a young couple living in the sunniest place in the UK -fact- Bognor Regis, working hard to start a life together. We’ve realised, as lots of couples do, that we’re very good at spending time together… not spending time together. Phones, games, work, and hobbies all come into play here. We wanted a project that we can work on together that will let us really spend time with each other while working towards a common goal.

We’ve been called the Gathfords since we moved in together. Hannah’s family has a habit of merging names. Her mum’s side, the Pinfords, are a rowdy bunch, comprising her mum, her step-dad, two stepbrothers, an older sister, a younger brother, and the family doggo, Barney; her dad’s side, the Bounorrals, while smaller, is no less rowdy, with a dad, a step-mum and two step siblings also. Jon’s family, the Gaths, have no name merging -alas- but are no less lovely and supportive.

Starting this blog is a challenge. We know each other, readers of Bookmarked Ramblings will know Hannah (and will have seen Jon’s cameo’s), but we wanted a chance for people to know us as a couple and as individuals. Queue the idea of us each answering five questions that will help you guys get to know us! Jon, as the elder of us, will be answering in BOLD, while Hannah’s answers will be in italics. Bring on the questions!

What do you do for a living?

I work in a private injury clinic as a Sports Therapist. Day to day this is just assessing injuries, treating, and rehabilitating. And yes, I do Sports Massages, meaning my friends are under the impression that I rub people’s backs for a living – which is simply not true. I’ve also just finished a season providing pitch-side care for Gosport Borough Football Club.

I work as Head of Editing and Design at a small Plant Machinery magazine… I’m a writer, designer, and general admin person. The experience is great, and I’ve learned an awful lot about Heavy Machinery – something that, having an MA in Dance Research, I was obviously always destined for…

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Lack of trolley etiquette. In my mind, there are clear guidelines on how to use a trolley. A trolley is a responsibility, not a right. Yes, you may be able to use a trolley, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s like Uncle Ben said in Batman: “With great power comes great responsibility and in this case, the power is the trolley. Stick to your space, don’t come wondering across the aisle. Trolley’s are not made to be parked across the aisle – leave a man some room to squeeze past. Also, don’t barge into people! Barge into me with your trolley and be prepared for…. me to mutter a barrage of apologies and cower awkwardly while you pick out your meat joint. Just know that in my head I’m thinking of 101 sarcastic comments I should have made.

I can’t stand it when people use the word ‘fine’ in response to ‘how are you feeling?’. Fine is not a feeling! Actually, I just have problems with the word ‘fine’ in general. I think it’s quite a lazy word – ‘how does my dress look?’ ‘fine’. UGH it’s frustrating just thinking about it. I’m not asking you to describe the way my dress falls like a waterfall cascading over the edge of a smooth cliff side – although that would be creative. A simple ‘you look good’ or ‘yes I’m doing well’ (or ‘Actually I’m a bit down’) is all I’m asking for here!

What brings you joy?

I like to help others. I like to see other people happy and successful and often go out of my way to make it happen. I also like sport and some pretty questionable music – you can blame my father for that one!

My bed. Jon’s got annoyed at me on more than one occasion because of this. After a long day of work, I get into bed and whisper ‘Oh I’ve missed you’ as my head hits the pillow. The first couple of times he thought I was being super cute and telling him that I’ve missed his company… He wasn’t impressed when the one time he replied ‘I miss you too’ and I groggily slurred ‘No, not you, the bed.’ I’m also a sucker for sloths, I feel that we should all try to emulate their slow and carefree attitude to life more often…

What’s your favourite dinner?

Well, this depends on if we’re talking favorite ever meal or a reliable go to. If it’s favorite ever, it has to be fried chicken with plantain and rice from a little fried chicken shack in a small village in the Dominican Republic – it was after five hours work in the beating sun. The most rewarding meal I’ve ever had -therefore, the best. At the moment my favorite go to is a roast shoulder of pork with roast potatoes, stuffing, and all the sides.

Mac. And. Cheese. Deep Fried. With Ketchup. I’m not ashamed.

What’s your other half’s best quirk?

Hannah does this stupid diagonal lying thing. When she starts to fall asleep, her feet will not so subtly crawl into my side of the bed and slowly push my feet off the bed. However, as I’m tumbling out of bed and am slowing descending into the darkness it’s nice to know she’s getting a good night’s sleep and that’s always a reassuring thing.

Not many people know this, but Jonno can think of nothing. Literally, nothing. I’ll ask him ‘what are you thinking?’ and get frustrated when he says ‘nothing’ but I know it’s true. I’ve watched him sit quietly for hours not doing anything – literally just staring blankly into space – and he’ll just be thinking of nothing. In a way, I’m kind of jealous of it. I haven’t ever thought of it as a sign that he’s disinterested or anything, it’s almost like a built in meditation setting for him. My mind goes at 10000 miles an hour, so sometimes I quite fancy the idea of literally switching off… needless to say, I’m rubbish at meditating.

And that’s it – five questions and ten answers to help you get to know us.

Jon would like to sign off ‘Stay Classy San Diego’ but maybe a simple ‘love from the Gathfords’ would be better…

Stay classy San Deigo

Love from the Gathfords

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