The A-Z of a Masters Degree

A is for Anxiety – when you’re loosing the plot

B is for Booze, a little (or lot)

C is for Chocolate – to deal with the strife

D is for Dissertation – the bane of your life

E is for Exams – that make you despair

F is for Frustration – when life isn’t fair

G is for Goofing off – to help you unwind

H is for Hand-ins that get you in a bind

I is for Ice-cream that you’ll eat by the tub

J is for Just Eat: the source of your grub

K is for Kleenex to mop up fresher’s flu

L is for Lectures that you may sleep through

M is for Mug (you’ll build a collection)

N is for Noodles (a marvelous invention)

O is for the OED that’ll help you define

P is for Professors, their help is divine

Q is for Questions, I good thing (I swear)

R is for Revision, don’t you despair

S is for Shots that you down at the bar

T is for Tantrums (I’ve had ten so far…)

U is for Utensils – R.I.P missing spoons!

V is for Vexed – when you’re feeling marooned!

W is for Weeping – I’ve done my fair share

X is for Xeniathophobia – Look it up (that’s a dare!)

Y is for Yo-yo, when you feel low and then high

Z is for Zoom – how this year will go by


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