40 Ways to Procrastinate in a University Library

  1. Spend 10 minutes scouting for the best seat available
  2. Stand next to the person in the best seat available tutting and sighing loudly until they leave
  3. Spend five minutes laying out your study materials with painstaking precision
  4. Text your study buddy letting them know just how bored you are already
  5. Text your study buddy begging them to save you from the boredom of revision
  6. Play one level of that highly addictive game on your phone to kill time before your study buddy arrives
  7. Realise not only that you’ve spent 30 minutes on that highly addictive game, but that your study buddy has arrived and is already on step 3
  8. Obligatory gossip with study buddy
  9. Convince yourself you need a book on the opposite side of the library to be able to complete revision
  10. Get sidetracked while retrieving the book by a fellow group of procrastinating students
  11. Agree to go out the night before that big exam because that one friend who’s always out promises to buy you Jägerbombs all night
  12. Plan outfit for night out with study buddy
  13. Remember that you need fuel in the form of sugary food to complete a successful revision session
  14. Buy half the student shop’s supply of dairy milk
  15. Do an online quiz to settle whether you are the Thelma or Louise of your study duo once and for all
  16. Play a game of would you rather and decide that having having the arms of the gorilla is better than having the legs of a lion
  17. Curate a personal revision playlist with all the songs that will motivate you to finish the work (that you haven’t started)
  18. Have a competition with your study buddy to see who can catch more sweets in their mouth
  19. Convince yourself that to successfully revise you need that other book you  maybe saw upstairs that one time
  20. Complete 5 minutes of study and reward yourself with a ten minute break
  21. Think about how useful the books in the oversize section of the library would be to make a book igloo
  22. Devise plan with study buddy to one day create said book igloo
  23. Compete in the national study buddy swivel chair sprint with fellow group of procrastinating students
  24. Obligatory argument over the correct rules of the national study buddy swivel chair sprint
  25. Spend five minutes trying to get pen to start working
  26. Steal a pen from unsuspecting student who has left pen unattended*
  27. Have competition with study buddy to see who can steal more unattended pens than the other*
  28. Google how long it would take to walk to Prague (10 days if you’re wondering)
  29. Throw stolen pens at that one friend that has completed more work than you have
  30. Play a game of tag in the silent section
  31. Play a game of pacman with fellow group of procrastinating students
  32. Decide that life is short and book igloos deserve to be built
  33. Google the best method for building an igloo
  34. Slowly steal books from the oversize book section over the course of two hours
  35. Find quiet corner to construct book igloo
  36. Decide life is short but the prospect of being kicked out of the library outweighs the glory of being the person to construct epic book igloo
  37. Abandon half constructed book igloo in quiet corner
  38. Tut loudly and complain about people taking up space in the library not doing work as you swiftly gather up your clutter and exit
  39. Realise you’ve been studying for the wrong module for the last few hours
  40. Give up and decide to go to bed

*Please note I do not condone the stealing of pens from unsuspecting students, they may, in fact, be fairly attached to the pens they are using

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