Beginnings and Endings.

 I guess we should start the first post with a bit of an introduction! So, hello, I’m Hannah, I’m 21 and I hail from Cambridge UK. I’m just finishing a three year dance degree at Chichester University and I have no clue what my next steps are, though I’m veering towards another year or two of education by staying on in Chichester (or as the cool kids call it ‘Chi’) to complete a masters in Dance Research. Hefty Stuff for a first introduction, huh?

 This will be my third blog to date, all three of which have followed the same format- I won’t post a link to the first blog because, quite frankly, I haven’t looked at it for ages and I’m pretty sure it’s all kinds of embarrassing! The second blog was started when I was first diagnosed with Epilepsy in October 2012 and acted as an updating station for my family – I cannot relay to you just how mindbogglingly boring it is to repeat the same story of an MRI scan more than 3 times in the same day. The blog stayed pretty active while I got to grips with being prodded, poked, and diagnosed by various medical professionals, but fizzled out as I became more stable in my diagnosis. If you want to check that out then please do at: . Which brings us to this, the third blog, which has been started as a release from 9 months of writing three 3,500 word essays, two twenty-minute presentations, and one whopping 10,000 word dissertation for my degree (and a partridge in a pear tree… anyone?).

 All these blogs seem to have come out of beginnings and endings in my life, which is, I guess, because it’s human nature to want to share things in uncertain times. And you, unsuspecting finder of this very blog, are the being with which I will share the ups and downs of the journey I call “WHAT THE HECK DO I DO NEXT?!”

Here’s to new beginnings,
Hannah x

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