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Hello, we’re the Gathfords! Well… We’re Hannah Bounford & Jon Gath, a young couple living together and attempting to navigate the big wide world.

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How to Create a Date Jar (and take the stress out of date night)

In the Gathford household we don’t always agree on everything. However, there are a few key facts of life that we do reach a consensus on: Jam and butter do not belong in the same sandwich; chasers are the jocks of Hogwarts; Disney’s Tarzan is an under-rated gem of a movie; and, most importantly, planning… Continue reading How to Create a Date Jar (and take the stress out of date night)

Late Night Reading

“I’m really sorry, I know this is kind of awkward,” I do my best impression of the awkward face emoji as I look over to where Jon is already half-asleep. Jon mumbles something incoherent that I take to mean ‘sure, go ahead.’ “Look, I normally listen to an audiobook when I go to sleep –… Continue reading Late Night Reading

Word of the Year

If you’re anything like us, the Christmas season was stressful, food filled and flecked with illness. It’s okay though, we’ve survived and we’re on the other side in not only a new year, but a new decade! You may be able to tell that here in the Gathford household we’re pretty rubbish when it comes… Continue reading Word of the Year

A Long Fall…

It’s been a long autumn. The last time we posted, Jonathan wrote about what it’s like to support someone with a chronic illness. Well, friends, this is what it’s like. Sometimes we need to take some time out to focus on living life. But, we’re back. Strap in: we’re taking you on a whirlwind tour… Continue reading A Long Fall…

Towers and Thai Food

There’s a certain time of year in the Gathford household that weekends, especially Saturdays, become very sacred. No, it’s not because we’re religious (although Sundays are a day of rest). It’s the rare time of year between the end of the Football Season and the beginning of Football Pre-Season that Jon actually is able to… Continue reading Towers and Thai Food


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